During the month of March,
the following transactions were closed:

Cibolo Pointe Shopping Center

Type: Retail
Square Footage:  1,800 Square Feet
Center: Cibolo Pointe Shopping Center, Cibolo, Texas.
Tenant: South Texas Pizza, Inc.
Landlord: NEC FM 1103 Green Valley Retail, Ltd
Landlord’s Broker: Birnbaum Property Company, Wes Kimball & Zack Fregosi Agens
Tenant’s Broker: Rohde Ottmers Siegel Realty, Ltd., Cal Ivey Agent

Lease Transaction

717 Generations Drive, 19226 Stonehue Drive, 19230 Stonehue Drive

Seller: Darth Investments, LP, Khanams Faily, LP UDS Twelve LLC
Purchaser:  Breakie Holdings, LLC
Property:  717 Generations Drive, New Braunfels, 19226 and 19230 Stonhue Drive, San Antonio
Seller’s Broker: .Zeustra
Purchaser’s Broker: Rohde Ottmers Siegel Realty, INC., Agent

Sale Transaction